Building Trust and Credibilty

As an internet marketing company, we rely heavily on our reputation to gain new clients and advertisers. A big part of building your reputation is increasing the amount of trust and credibility you or your business has in the industry. This reputation is the foundation to a successful and trusted partnership with your clients or employer. You can improve and maintain your reputation by following the 4 main trust principles outlined:

1. Integrity – This just happens to be one of our shared values. We pledge to always speak the truth and communicate openly and honestly with each other. In addition, integrity has to do with having congruency and “practicing what you preach.” Would you promote a campaign you would not run yourself?

2. Intent – What is your agenda, motive, and behavior? It is important in the online world to effectively communicate your agenda and the overall process being used to deliver the product or service.
“There are no moral shortcuts in the game of business – or life. There are basically, three kinds of people: the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become and remain successful. The difference is character.” Jon Huntsman, Chairman, Huntsman Capital

3. Capabilities – Are you great at what you do? Do you provide industry knowledge and skills necessary to provide value to your customer/clients? You should constantly be improving your knowledge base and skills.

4. Results – What is your Track Record? Are you providing services in the time promised? Do you have systems in place to monitor and maintain time commitments? When you can establish a positive reputation of performing and being a producer, your reputation will precede you.

Take some time and ask yourself if you follow these 4 trust principles. This process will help you recognize your own credibility and focus on areas for improvement.

By: Rustam Irani| COO| TheMediaCrew


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